Saturday, March 23, 2013

Callie's Blessing Day

Callie was blessed December 2, 2012. Her and her cousin Jacob were blessed together. It was such a nice day. After church was over we had a big lunch at R&R Pizza so we could fit everyone. We ate sweet pork, green chili, and red chili burritos! It was sooo good! Callie was exactly 2 months old when she was blessed.

Our family friend, Lisa Thatcher, made Callie's dress. It was beautiful and fit her perfectly!

We finally got some family pictures taken. Bryce's brother, Steven, took them and he did such a good job! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Callie is now almost 7 weeks old! I don't know where the time is going. She is growing so fast, and I have to say I'm a little obsessed with her!
I found some pictures on my mom's camera that I had never seen before!
Cute little girl

She loves sleeping with her hands by her face.

Carving pumpkins with friends

Holding hands :)

Callie got a new cousin. They are just 6 weeks apart.
They like to take naps together


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Callie Carter

So I am finally getting around to posting about Callie's birth. After all that her and I went through its tough to think I ever want to do that again. We both had a rough couple days in the hospital.

Monday October 1st
I had had a headache all weekend and the doctor had told me to watch out for headaches because my blood pressure was elevated. My sisters were visiting me and I thought about going in to work just to check my blood pressure but I thought, "How dumb would that be, to just go to the hospital to check my blood pressure and leave". I had to work Monday anyways so I just decided I would check it on Monday when I was at work.

Monday came and luckily they had me sitting with a patient that day. I remembered I needed to check my blood pressure at about 9:20. I was texting Bryce because I was bored sitting there and I had told him I was going to check my blood pressure. I text him at 9:29 telling him my blood pressure was high. He had class at 9:30 and wasn't able to check his phone until his class was out. One of the other nurses was helping me check my blood pressure and the first reading we got was 170/124. I told her that couldn't be right, I felt fine. We checked it again on the same arm and it was still extremely high, so we tried it on the other arm. This time we got 164/106. I called my OB office and they told me to go to the ER and then to Labor and Delivery. I was FREAKING out. I kept thinking that I could have a baby that day! I had nothing ready! I wasn't even able to have Bryce come be with me.

I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. They started me on a magnesium drip to prevent seizures. That magnesium really made me feel weird. It made me so weak and tired. I had to get a catheter because I wasn't able to get out of bed. I wasn't able to sleep that first night though because my head was throbbing and my blood pressure was being checked every 15 minutes. It was horrible. The magnesium also makes you feel like you haven't had a drink of water in 15 years. I was sooo thirsty. Luckily Bryce was there to keep picking up the water to give me a drink because I was too weak too. They started ripening my cervix when I first got there. They checked me at 1 in the morning and I was a 2. They checked me again in the morning about 6 and I was a 4. I was having some mild contractions. I decided to get an epidural before my contractions got too bad. By 2 I was a 10 and it was time to push. I had ZERO energy and I wasn't able to feel if I was pushing. I didn't have to push too long, thankfully. They had to use the vacuum to get Callie out because I wasn't pushing hard enough.

Callie was born on October 2nd at 2:33 PM and weighed 6 lbs 10 oz and was 20.25 inches long. She had to be taken to the special care nursery because her magnesium level was so high because I was on the mag drip causing her to have respiratory depression. I got to hold her for about an hour and then they took her to the nursery. I had to be on the mag drip for 24 hours after she was born so I wasn't able to see Callie again until Wednesday night. I wasn't able to walk because the magnesium had made me so weak so I had to be wheeled down to see her. She had to stay in the nursery for a week because they drew a blood culture and it came back positive and she needed IV antibiotics for 7 days. She finally came home when she was 8 days old. It's been so nice having her home and not having to run back and forth to the hospital every 3 hours to feed her!

 I had to get a blood transfusion

 Callie got Jaundice so she had to go under the blue lights for a day


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer 2012

We found out we are having a little girl! We are so excited. She is due October 15th. We found out she was a girl on May 30th. It took 45 minutes before she finally let us see what she was. The ultrasound tech gave up trying to find out what she was, but luckily she forgot to take the baby's heart rate so she had to ultrasound me again and she had finally moved and showed us she was a girl!

 Her feet were in her face the whole time and she would not move!

 I got to have another ultrasound 8 weeks later because they didn't get good pictures of her heart, umbilical cord and face. I am now almost 32 weeks. We are so excited to meet her!

 A  patient I took care of for a couple days made these for the baby.

In June we had a little unexpected trip to the ER.

 Then my dad got flown to TMC in Tucson.
 My dad came home from selling a car one day and he was very pale, sweaty, and weak. We checked his blood sugar and it was 379, blood pressure was extremly low, and his heart rate was in the 40's. I tried checking his pulse from his wrist and I couldn't even feel one there. By the time we finally got him talked into going to the ER he was so weak he couldn't stand up. I called 911 and the ambulance came. When they got there his heart rate was 28 and his blood pressure was 70's/40's. When he got to the ER they had to place a temporary pacemaker just so his heart would beat at a normal rate. They flew him to TMC and put him in the ICU. When they got his lab work back they found that his Potassium was 7.0 and that was causing all his symptoms. 

We got a puppy! Her name is Mia and she is a boxer. 

We took a trip to Las Vegas the begining of August. It was really fun! 

We were only pulled over once. It wasn't even for speeding so no tickets!

We only had one small mishap with the trailor.

We got to play a bunch of carnival games at the Excaliber while waiting for our show to start.

They feed you during the show and it is supposed to be like old times so you eat with your hands.

The boys all went to Lake Mead one day so they girls went shopping.

M&M Factory

We did a lot of swimming

I have been dying to see this show. They wouldn't let you take pictures until the very end and it was so dark the pictures didn't come out that well.